Macintosh Astronomy

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Astrocal Produces yearly astronomical calendars, for any given year, and provides astronomical information on a day-by-day basis
Astronomica "Easy to use, quality sky map generator"
Earth Browser Realtime display of the Earth from space.
HourWorld Demo of a package showing areas of daylight, sun rise, sunset, moon phases etc.
MacAstro Calculates the appearance of the sky at any time and point on earth.
Planet C Computes the coordinates of the planets visible to the naked eye, the sun and the moon
Soon Little calendar program which also tells you a lot about the sun and the moon
Stargazer's Delight Shareware desktop planetarium.
Startime Personal information manager with astronomical data.
The Planets Puts nine spinning planets and two moons on your desktop. New! 01/03/01

The Moon

Luna After Dark module showing the current phase of the moon
Lunar Ephemeris Displays current phase of the moon and allows calculation of phases at other times.
Lunar View Displays the current phase of the moon
MacMoon Port of the UNIX Moontool
Moon Minimal Moon phase display
Moon Clock "A continually updating, real-time graphical representation on the visual aspect of the moon."
Moon In The Mac A mini-application which shows the phases of the moon for given dates
MoonIT Displays the phase of the moon at startup
MoonMenu Puts the current moon phase in your menu bar.
Moon Phaser Simple program that draws the phase of the Moon for any day between 1984 and 2006
MoonTool Displays the phase of the moon as seen from the southern hemisphere
Wiedermoon Displays the current date, time, month calendar and the current moon phase.

The Sun

Day and Night SunView clone with extra information for those who want to know more.
Mac Grayliner Displays a real-time map of the Earth, showing the areas of day and night.
MacHeliodon Sun position and shading analysis tool.
SunClock Application that shows what part of the world the sun is shining on.
Sundial HyperCard stack about sundials
Sunrise-set HyperCard stack which calculates sunrise and sunset for a given location for anything up to a year
Terrachrone A continually updating graphical representation of the daylight and nighttime regions of the Earth projected on a map of the world
XEarth Displays shaded images of the Earth.


MacTide Macintosh port of UNIX harmonic tide clock and tide predictor
Mr. Tides Open Source program based (roughly) on XTide .
Tide Chart Shows heights and times of ocean tides for selected cities for any year between 1920 and 2020.
TideMate Simple tide predictor based on sine curves
Tide Stamp Tide and current predictor.
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