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Halloween '98 Icons "It's time to be scared!!! With these 16 Halloween icons on your desktop, you will!"
Halloween Copland Icon Set 14 Copland-style icons
Haunted Castle "There's a light... ...over at the Frankenstein place"
Hide's Black Cat Two volumes of cute, black cats.
Ili's Halloween Icons Small collection of icons for Hallowe'en
Native American Icon Sets Several volumes of icons for the artist's ancestors
Paranormals The Truth is in these icons!
Poison's Native American Icons Three volumes of Native American art, plus some matching folders.
Rune Icons 32-bit futhark
Solar System 32-bit icons of the planets
Solar System Icon Sets Two sets of icons, one 32-bit and one conventional with icons of planets, their satellites, comets, the sun and asteriods
SPOOKYcons Just plain strange...
Sunrise, Sunset... Icons to remind you of some wonderful sights.
Witchy Witches, cauldrons, spell books...

Desktop Patterns
'Celtic' Patterns vol. 1 Knotwork desktop patterns
Pumpkins patterns Hallowe'en desktop patterns based on pumpkins

Custom Cursors
Halloween Cursor 2 As it says...
Halloween Hand Pointers Six different custom cursors

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