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Macintosh Calendars

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Calendars and Clocks

Astrocal Produces yearly astronomical calendars, for any given year, and provides astronomical information on a day-by-day basis
Astrocalc HyperCard stack which converts between various ancient calendars
Aztec Calendar Shows the current date according to the Aztec calendar
Calendar2000 A calendar to touch your sense of wonder. New 31/12/00.
CCalendar Converter Converts between calendars, calculates sunrise/sunset and moonphase and includes a mini-ephemeris.
Chac Mesoamerican Calendar. Updated 31/12/00.
InterCal Converts between several different calendars
Many Moons Eccentric calendar converter
Natalis Prints out certificates showing birthdates according to the Roman calendar
Roman Calendar Prints out monthly Roman calendars
Soon Little calendar program which also tells you a lot about the sun and the moon
Startime Personal information manager with astronomical data
Tickle CSM Control Strip module that displays the current time and place.
Wiedermoon Displays the current date, time, month calendar and the current moon phase
World Calendar Diverse calendar converter

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