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This archive contains software which Pagans might find useful. At the moment, there is more stuff for the Macintosh than any other platform. This is simply a side-effect - it's what I have and know about. I would like to hear about software on other platforms, especially the more unusual ones. I've just acquired a Palm machine so expect some stuff for that soon!

I'm sorry, but there is no Windows software of any kind here at the moment because there is no way I can test the software and the person who volunteered to it has been busy ever since and has realised just what a tedious job it would be to maintain such an archive! If you want to do it, get in touch. The links directory contains a page of links to Windows software. There used to be an excellent collection of software to be found at Kindred Borne Covenstead's downloads page, including astrology, moon phase packages, almanacs, all sorts of divination plus desktop themes and startup and shutdown screens for Windows. Alas, it's disappeared and I can't find where it's gone.

Each item is listed under the appropriate platform with a link to a fuller description.

Macintosh Software

Linux Software


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