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Astronomica generates sky maps at any time, past, present or future, from anywhere on Earth. The maps show all the planets and stars visible to the naked eye, as well as some galaxies and nebulas, the Ecliptic and the Milky Way. Constellations are also drawn in their traditional form, and a table lists the most brilliant objects. finally, Astronomica indicates the name of any celestial object underneath the cursor.

The sky map may be printed and used outside, as a guide to the stars and planets. No additional equipment is needed.

Astronomica can also show the position of the planets on their orbits, and thus their conjunctions and oppositions as well.


Any Macintosh, but a PowerMac is recommended.


EasySoft Creations


Demo version randomly chooses the time and place of observations. Registration costs $20 (US) or Canadian $25.

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