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The authors took the source code for the UNIX version of TTY-based Tide program, and ported it to the Mac. It is practically an exact port from UNIX, so do not expect to find any Mac-like user interface in it (at least for now).

For this program to work properly, you have to set up your Map and Date & Time control panels! This is VERY IMPORTANT!

There are following differences between UNIX and Mac versions :


MacTide has been tested under Mac IIsi, Mac IIsi with 68LC040 Carrera accelerator board, PowerPC (don't remember type :)). It is NOT PowerPC accelerated, but runs on it. It should be able to take advantage of FPU (or 68040), if present, but this has not been tested. All testing was done on machines running Sys 7.5.X, but there is no reason for it not to run on any other systems. It should be able to run with virtual memory, but this has not been tested either. It is MultiFinder friendly and will work in the background.


Source code is included. It compiles under Think C 5.0.4.


Michael Fridberg, David Flater "Also starring: Jef Poskanzer; Jack Greenbaum; Rob Miracle; Geoff Kuenning; Dale DePriest."


Freeware, distributed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 (or any later version)

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