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Terrachrone produces a continually updating graphical representation of the daylight and nighttime regions of the Earth projected on a map of the world. In addition to the shaded night time regions, Terrachrone indicates the sub-solar and sub-vernal equinoctal points with the usual astronomical symbols. The longitude which corresponds to 0 hours siderial time is also indicated on the graphic and displayed in a text region. In addition, the text region presents the current Universal Time, and the local siderial time for an observer at a specific location on the Earth.


Terrachrone will run on any Macintosh computer (but see the note below), or other platform running the Macintosh Operating System, or Macintosh Application Environment. Both PowerPC and 68k versions are available. To start Terrachrone just double click on the Terrachrone icon.


This software was developed using APL.68000, a proprietary product of MicroAPL Ltd., which has given permission for a runtime version of APL.68000 to be included with the software. Copyright and all intellectual property rights in APL.68000 remain vested in MicroAPL Ltd. APL.68000 is a registered trademark of MicroAPL Ltd.

Despite the claims of the publisher, this version didn't work on a G3 running MacOS 8.6, hence the lack of a screenshot.


sofTouch APpLications


Shareware, $5. Please distribute TERRACHRONE to anyone who may be interested in this product. sofTouch APpLications is pleased to serve and support all of our registered users.

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