Macintosh Divination

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Bio 2.2 Multi-lingual biorhythms package
Biorhythm 2 Comprehensive biorhythms package
Biorhythms Biorhythms package available in both English and Spanish versions.
Hyper-Biorhythm Biorhythms HyperCard stack


I Ching Back-to-basics I-Ching program
The Book of Changes I-Ching program.
I Ching Connexion "an ever-changing but always consistently interlocking graphic representation of the way the 64 hexagrams interrelate"
I-King HyperCard stack - put a question to the oracle

Numerology and Gematria

Gematria Macros for Nisus
MacGimmatriyyah Hebrew Gematria program
Numerology/Numérologie Powerful numerology software available in English and French.
Prime Comprehensive numerology program


Rune Cast Runic divination package
Runes Educational HyperCard stack


Daily Tarot Colourful package giving simple readings
Tarot Reader (John Penner) Beta of a promising Tarot package
Tarot Reader (Belimah Tech) Filemaker-based Tarot package. New 15/3/01
Tarot Reference Helps you understand the Tarot. New 15/3/01
Tarots Le premier vrai logiciel de Tarots de Marseille en français sur macintosh.
TarotWorks Full featured tarot reading and analysis program.


8 Ball HyperCard decision-maker
MacPredictions Decision-making tool and lottery number generator.
Magic 8 Another HyperCard decision-maker
Magick 8 Ball One more decision-maker.
Magic Fortune Teller She has all the answers for you!
Mystic 8-Ball Yet another decision-maker - this one talks!

Other Divination

Fortune Buttons Advice-giving fortune cookie HyperCard stack
Occult Pick-It Brief numerology, I-Ching and tarot forecasts
Psychic Kindergarten Cards Psychic development and self-help tool
Rosarium Entertaining alchemical fortune-teller
Window to Infinity Unusual divination-based HyperCard stack, a bit like a Ouija board in appearance, but more diverse in use.
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