Tarot Reader

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"Welcome to the Tarot Reader! I have wanted to put together something like this, using FileMaker Pro, for quite some time. I hope you enjoy working with it!"

The deck used in Tarot Reader is the most common and widely used Tarot deck: the Rider-Waite Tarot. There are, of course, many Tarot decks out there, and you can learn about them if you wish by searching for them on the Internet, or asking at a local bookstore. Some decks have incredible art, and if symbolism and the study of art interest you, then you might enjoy hunting down some of these other Tarot decks.


Not specified. This archive contains a standalone Macintosh version. A cross-platform FileMaker Pro 5 version is also available.


Belimah Tech


Demo - many fetures disabled until registered. $15. Special price of $20 for both if purchased with the author's Tarot Reference.

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