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[Tarotworks Screenshot]


TarotWorks is a full featured tarot reading and analysis program that does the "real" work of the Tarot to provide you with authentic and accurate Tarot card readings. It has been designed to help turn this infamously complex, ages-old system into an easily accessible and useful tool for anyone, without needing a course in ancient history! TarotWorks:

The Rider-Waite deck is available as a plug-in.


68020 or better. Compatible with Mac OS versions up to 9.x. but is not designed to be used with non-Roman English versions of the Mac OS, such as KanjiTalk.


Even on a G3, I found it necessary to disable Virtual Memory to get it to run at all.


Simon Poisson


Free, but not public domain. Registration required to access full features.

Older Stuff

The TarotWorks Export Sampler consists of four SimpleText documents demonstrating the quality of TarotWorks 1.2's greatly enhanced "Export" feature. The documents are actual, untouched exports from TarotWorks 1.2 readings.

The TarotWorks Patches are only needed with version 1.2, not the new version. They update the Rider-Waite and Golden Dawn TarotWorks decks, so that they are compatible with that version.

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