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Using the archives

The software in this archive has been gathered from a range of sources. Some of it is shareware - you must pay the author a fee, usually tiny, if you find the software useful; some is freeware - you don't have to pay the author, but they hang on to the copyright. Public Domain software is free and may be altered. There are some more esoteric methods of payment to be found as well.

All of the archives are available as both BinHex and MacBinary and compressed. The most common compression packages are Stuffit and Compact Pro. All of the archives can be decoded using Aladdin Systems' Stuffit Expander, which can be downloaded from the company's website or any of the general Macintosh archives. A version also comes with the System software and Netscape browsers, so you might well have it already.

MacBinary is an alternative to BinHex and produces a much smaller archive, but some browsers have problems with it.

Each piece of software stored here has its own description page. This usually features a preview of a screenshot - click on it to see a full-size version - and a description of what the software does. This is likely to have been taken from the ReadMe file accompanying the program and represents the opinion of the author, not anyone else. The software has not been reviewed in any way. Where known, system requirements are listed and notes made of any incompatibilites. Where possible, a link to the author or publisher's web site has been included.

If there is no screenshot it means one of two things:

Links at the bottom of the description page allow downloads.

Useful Utilities


Agax is an expandable free Mac antivirus program. It offers both standard virus-scanning facilities and more advanced background protection - so you don't get infected in the first place.


Free virus checker. Does not protect against macro viruses, but contains a good discussion of these, and viruses in general. Disinfectant has been retired and should no longer be used for protection against viruses, but the information in the documentation is still useful.

Desktop Textures

Utilities for decorating your desktop - more flexible than Apple's own. Many desktop texture collections come as a Texture Installer file, one of the applications in this suite.

HyperCard Player

Utility to allow you to view and use HyperCard stacks.

Icon Archiver and Icon Rescue

Some icons come in Icon Archiver format. The package includes a free dearchiver utility and is available in English, Italian and Japanese. Icon Rescue is a freeware utility that extracts all icons from Icon 7 and Zonkers! collections.


Completely change the look of your desktop. Frequently updated, the link is to the Kaleidoscope web site.


Programmers' tool which allows one to wreak havoc. Sometimes used for the distribution of icons and desktop patterns.

SuperCard Player

For playing projects created with SuperCard on almost any Macintosh.

If you're still stuck, AppleLinks is a Macintosh-only search engine. I suggest you try there!

I am more than grateful to receive information about new packages, but please let me know before mailing any binaries. Information about other platforms will be passed to the appropriate volunteer. Archivists are needed for platforms other than the Macintosh. There is no pay, but you get to use the word "facilitate" a lot!

Feòrag NicBhrìde.
Paganlink Macintosh Software archive facilitator.

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