Macintosh Astrology

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Astro-Lo 1.0a Astrological guidance for simple problems
Astrolog 5.4.0 Comprehensive, free astrology program which appears to do everything
Astrologer's Toolbox HyperCard birthchart calculator.
Astrology Birthchart program based on "Themes". English and French versions. Updated!
Astrology C*L*O*C*K Astrological clock to help work out the influences of the moment.
Astrology Treasure Hunt Game for students of astrology
Astrolomy Demo Plush birthchart program
Cosmic Portrait Gives natal character description based on important planet and sign combinations in your horoscope.
Kairon Extravagant astrological package
L'Astrologue Un logiciel d'astrologie pour Macintosh (French, English and German versions). Updated 24/2/00

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