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Biorhythms! Those natural circadian rhythms or biological clocks that may exert a powerful influence on our lives, our behavior and our interface with others. With this program you can calculate and chart the biorhythm cycles for yourself and your friends. See if those days you were at your best or at your worst may have some relationship to these cycles. And what about tomorrow, or next week...

There are theorized to be three biorhythm cycles in our lives. These cycles are:

These cycles start (on a positive cycle) with our birth and continue with their different rates. They will not coincide again at the graph baseline for 58+ years. Thus we are influenced with mixed rhythms throughout our lives.

Biorhythm theory suggests that energies and abilities associated with the cycle are positive when above the line and are negative when below the line. Critical days or potentially unstable days are when the plot crosses the line!

Because individuals and the environment are such important factors in our lives, the individual interpretation of biorhythm charts will never be a science.


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