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Our minds, bodies and emotions are governed by three natural cycles, known as biorhythms. Once we realise how we are affected, we can plan our lives accordingly, so that we take advantage of our peaks of energy and exercise special caution on "critical" days. Biorhythms is now highly acclaimed worldwide, and generally agreed to be the most powerful, attractive and original biorhythms program available on any platform. It supports Apple events and Macintosh Drag and Drop.

Version 6.02c is a substantial upgrade with many improvements and bug fixes. Use it to analyse your biorhythms, to determine your good and bad days, and also your compatibility with others.

Here is the list of items that come in the Biorhythms package:

The software comes in both English and Spanish language versions.



Andrew Regan


Shareware, £15. Discounts for students, pensioners, trade unionists, the unemployed and part-time workers.

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