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Like most computer programs PRIME crunches numbers. But it does so in accordance with ideas rooted in a method, or system of methods, that originated in the earliest days of Western Culture. Pythagoras, one of the earliest practitioners of this method, which eventually came to be called Numerology, was as interested in what a number meant as in what it measured. To him numbers were more than things to count with. He found in them keys to deeper secrets. He approached mathematics from more than one angle, with both lobes of his brain, so to speak; with his intuitive as well as his intellectual faculties. As did Plato. In his book, Timaeus, Plato took numbers apart, analyzed them, "played" with them, and put them back together into elaborate relationships/ratios involving symbolism and metaphor on a scale far beyond anything we, with our technological and utilitarian attitudes, might consider sensible or level-headed today. The alphabet was viewed in a similar way since each letter could be reduced to a single digit according to its position in the alphabet. It too could provide a clue to greater things. The attitude was that the greatest mysteries are revealed in the smallest things. If something cannot be reduced then it is pure and true. If it is pure and true then it shares in the purity and truth governing the rest of the universe and may be studied like an element or building block and pieced together with other elements to provide a glimpse into the grand design.

PRIME makes all of these numerological calculations for you. It reduces the digits in your birth-date to the one "PRIME" digit signifying the gifts and attributes you were born with. It finds the number that represents your destiny, the number that represents your inner drive or desire, the number that tells how you are viewed by others, the number that signifies how you will be able to balance sometimes opposing influences. PRIME will tell you when these numbers will be at their greatest influence and will suggest times when you might best act in accordance with their cycles. It will provide a charting of the cycles or "Eras" each person lives through, the ages when things will change, the "Challenges" that are likely to present themselves. Weak links will be pointed out and suggestions made on what to guard against.

PRIME can be anything from a curiosity to a party game to a catalyst for useful contemplation and insight. All that is needed to interpret its information is an open mind and the ability to relate and balance a wide range of human qualities and feelings. Some skills are necessary but they are largely skills similar to those used in making it through most days.

PRIME may be interpreted most fruitfully when the information is read metaphorically or intuitively. It most likely won't be of much use advising what to invest in or wager on and the authors do not intend it to be a crutch or substitute for mature and responsible decision-making.


Demo version.

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