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Do you find yourself attracted to this unique and beautiful star-shaped design? Then please read on!

It all began as a vision presented unexpectedly to one of the more sensitive ones here. The vision of the Window hung like a veil in front of her for days. Everything she saw was viewed through it, and it persisted until she carefully sketched it. When the drawing was completed the vision disappeared and has not returned. Our Window drawing, including the unique alphanumeric pattern, is a faithful reproduction of the original. None of it is "made up". The infinity sign in the centre of the Window, however, was not an infinity sign in the vision, but was an unclear swerving which seemed to go on forever. Thus the sign of infinity was placed there to indicate that endless quality, and the name given to the Window.

The Window to Infinity may open to you, as it has to others, and provide what has been described as a way of communicating between the inner and outer parts of time. It appears to is to be an opening in what is otherwise an almost inpentrable barrier. We ask you to explore the Window to Infinity with us.


HyperCard or HyperCard Player.


Andy Hughes


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