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PsiTest is based on the standard telepathy/clairavoyance card tests used widely in paranormal and psycic research. With a human tester, the test is to determine whether the subject can read the mind of the tester who is fully aware of the present card or to be able to see beyond his or her own physical range of vision.

Since this program has no human tester involved, the test is to determine whether you, the user, can predict what card the program will randomly select next. This is also known as precognition. In any form of the test, data is rated on a standard bell curve of probability by mere chance. This means, that mere chance alone states, the user will match 25% of the 20 cards selected by the program in a single test session.

The program is very simple to use, in order to leave the test subject free to focus on the task at hand. Each sesson begins with the purple overturned selection. You simply press the small button at the top tha contains the shape that you feel the computer will pick next.

There are 20 cards per session. The number of correct matches and the progress of the session is listed in the main window. The cards selected by the computer and the user are also listed in the floating window at the bottom of the screen. You can see which cards you may tend to pick most or match with the most. This is all valuable data in a given test session.

Have fun and keep track of your results. Time of day can also be a factor so keep good notes.


MacOS 7.6 or later. Acrobat Reader for the documentation.


SunGod Software


Not specified.

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