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Forest will play relaxing nature sounds, as if you were walking in a forest. Launch Forest, listen, and relax! Working on your computer can sometimes be very stressful; with Forest, not anymore.

Forest is packed with 5 worlds: the main world, Forest World; Forest cannot launch if this world is not installed. Four other worlds are included: Garden World, Night World and Storm World/Storm World II. We probably don't have to explain you what sounds the worlds will play. Forest can also play Relax environments.

No, it's not over yet. If you don't want Forest to continually play something, you can ask Forest to play random nature sounds. From time to time, you'll hear a lovely bird or a cricket. Of course, you can choose the time Forest must wait beetween each random sounds. And what's more, you can even ask Forest to play night sounds such as owls after 9PM!

Forest features an extremely cool interface. Drag and drop the worlds on Forest or even on Forest's window to play them! Forest will display the info window (what world is being played, the author and a different background graphic for each world) only if it is the frontmost app. You don't have to close anything, everything is automatic! Do you want to create yourself a cool world? No problem! Forest features a very easy to use World Builder; you don't have to master ResEdit. [Available only for registered users.]

Forest uses very little CPU. That is why we included a feature our users asked us to include: the ability to read AIFF and QuickTime files.


MacOS 7.6 and QuickTime 2.5 or higher. Forest is available for MacOS X and for MacOS Classic. Visit the publisher's website to download the latest MacOS X version.


MacUnicorn Software


Shareware - $10 (USD) for a single user. Online registration available.

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