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"I've been interested in the myths and culture of the Vikings since I was in high school, when I actually wrote a series of poems about the various gods and their tragic, but ultimately triumphant fate. In Norse mythology, Yggdrasill is the World Ash Tree, whose three roots support the three major elements of the Norse universe: Asgard, home of the gods; Midgard, where we mortals dwell; and Nifheim, the Underworld, home of Loki and his evil minions.

"Of all the mythological predictions of the destiny of humankind, and the gods we create, the Norse is perhape the sternest. For at the time of Ragnorök, the Twilight of the Gods, the forces of evil will rise up and destroy everything in heaven and earth. Yet this is not really the end. After Ragnorök, a new universe will be created out of the ashes of the old. Good will triumph over evil, and two humans, Líf ("Life") and Lífthrasir ("Desiring Life") will repopulate the world.

"As was typical of other aspects of Viking culture, these wayfaring merchant-marauders both borrowed liberally from and contributed to the artistic traditions they came accross. Viking traders were instrumental in spreading the important Animal Style, noted for its bold, abstract treatment of natural forms, from the East, where it originated, to as far west as Ireland and northern France. And the Viking love of fine craftsmanship and complex design was stimulated by the art of the "Celts", one of the most influential cultures in the Europe of the early Middle Ages. It is often difficult for a layman (like me) to distinguish a "Celtic" Knot from a Viking design of this period, the two styles had so much in common. You will find distributed in key parts of the Yggdrasill interface, reflections of both the history and art of these violent, yet fascinating people."


Kaleidoscope 2.0 or later. Though it should be functional at all color depths, please note that Yggdrasill will look best on computers capable of 1000s of colors or more.


Scott Hunter


Yggdrasill 1.8 is opinionware; if you have strong feelings about it, send them along via E-mail

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