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Stonehenge is a group of monumental Bronze Age monoliths* that... oh Hell, everyone knows what Stonehenge is -- or they think they do. It's an ancient astronomical observation post; no, it's the site where primitive Britons (Druids. right?) worshipped their gods; actually, I know for a fact that it's where Martians, or maybe Centaurians, landed and showed the locals how to carry tons of stone over a hundred miles and set them up inside a circle more perfectly laid out than we could do today; or maybe, come to think about it, it's a kind of celestial calendar that predicts the movement of the Sun (This was my personal favorite until I read recently that the events so neatly predicted today, occurred at completely different times of the year when the circle was built).

Of course the truth is that we know very little about what Stonehenge is all about. And that's really what the place means to most of us. It's a mystery. An ancient, primordial mystery that brings out the Romantic in even the least imaginative among us. We stand in awe of this colossal wreck, and even if it's a bright Sunday afternoon in July, as it was when I took the tour bus out on the Salisbury Plain, it still has the power to move us. And if I haven't quite arrived at primordial monumentality in this color scheme, I hope I have a least created an interface that is easy on the eyes, and that, perhaps a little, brings to mind the spirit of the distant, mysterious past.

The Stonehenge package includes the color scheme, a folder of desktop patterns and, unless you choose to use the "demystified" version, a complete set of custom icons. After installing Kaleidoscope in your Control Panels folder, simply drop Stonehenge in the Kaleidoscope Color Schemes folder which goes in your Extensions folder. Then open the Kaleidoscope control panel and select Stonehenge. To install the desktop patterns, open your Desktop Patterns control panel and drop the patterns on the open Desktop Patterns window and select the one you want. The new icons will magically appear when you restart your Mac.

One final word about the icons: You'll find that the version of Stonehenge with icons has, apparently, no empty trash can. This is as it was designed, since, as far as I know, Bronze Age people had no trash receptacles. So if there's nothing to throw out, all you have is an empty space; throw something away, and you've got... a pile of trash!


Kaleidoscope 1.5 or later. Though it should be functional at all color depths, please note that Stonehenge will look best on computers capable of 1000s of colors or more.


Pedants would point out that they can't really be monoliths if the number of standing stones is greater than 1.


Scott Hunter


This color scheme is opinionware; if you have strong feelings about it, send them along via E-mail.

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