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Spider Web is a K2 scheme with cicns (windows, bevels, tabs), some wnds, cinfs, and all ppats designed by Janet Parris, and most wnds, cinfs, progress bars, and all sliders designed by Erik Ekengren. The cursor is a collaboration. We have gone through nine versions of Spider Web in development stages before actually being able to bring it to your desktop. Janet tried at first to make the mask completely transparent, and partially succeeded, but Sven Berg Ryen warned her it would have a disastrous effect upon computers with advanced video cards, so we had to shelve the first versions and re-think our approach; the result is what you see here, not transparent, but close. The scheme folder includes a separate folder of patterns in clipping format. The soundfile is by Jack Merridew. Version 1.01 had a few minor changes. This newest update (version 2.0) has improved widgets.


Kaleidoscope 2.0 or later


In order to see the custom trash and folders, you need to re-start your Mac unless you have OS8.


Janet Parris and Erik Ekengren.


Spider Web is whatever-you-want-to-giveware. Janet's registered users get freebies and schemes that are unavailable otherwise.

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