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This is the author's second scheme, re-released, with some modifications, and a cross cursor.

Many people do not understand what a Pagan actually is. By definition a Pagan is a heathen, an unreligious person, or someone who is not Christian, Muslim or Jewish--also all so-called "idol-worshippers". But for all practical purposes, we are all Pagan. Those who are not Christian, Muslim or Jewish are Pagan (according to them) yet they are Pagan themselves because their entire religion: its rituals, symbols and roots are entirely Pagan. They also fall into the category of "idol-worshippers", just go into a Church, Mosque or Synagogue and check it out.

Christianity, for example is a culmination of the thoughts, beliefs, rituals, rites and practices of other religions of the time (but they called them Cults). A Cult is a Religion, and a Religion is a Cult--size of membership has nothing to do with either. Those "Cults " that Christianity is made out of are the same people that the Christians call Pagan and "heathen".

I'd like to add that there is nothing bad, or evil, about Pagans inherently. They are not "heathens" as described in some books. It is merely the older traditions that our current traditions are based upon. Almost all of our American/Christian holidays are Pagan, with new names added. They symbols, rituals and meanings are usually the same. Hallowe'en (Samhain), Christmas (Mabon/Saturnalia), Groundhog's day (Imbolic/Candlemas), April Fool's day (New Years), Easter (Ostara/Eostre), May Day (Beltane/Cetsamhain) all fall on old Pagan days of celebration (Pagan names in parentheses). Pagan, is not one tradition, or "religion", instead it is the generic term for any ancient culture now deemed "unholy". There is nothing "unholy" about it--quite the opposite.

The pentagram (star) has nothing to do with evil either. It is not the "sign of the Devil". This is another myth of Paganism. Many Pagan symbols and rituals are nearly universal globally, as if at one point people were more united spiritually.

This scheme is a tribute to Pagans everywhere, but it contains mostly "Celtic" art.

"With that said, I give you: Paganlove. Enjoy"


Kaleidoscope - no version specified


The ReadMe uses one of my fonts - Feòrag.


Kevin Ward


If you send the author a dollar, you'll get a special scheme in return.

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