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"Pagan Play 1.0 is my first Kaleidoscope scheme. I discovered Kaleidoscope two weeks or so before writing this, using the skeleton of Scott Naness' "Copland 7" as a starting point. The trash icon is based on and inspired by the delightful trash icons of Doug Quinn, specifically the "MacBeth, Act 4, Scene 1" icon, which I used as a starting point for my trash icon. Pagan Play 1.0 is the basic scheme, with Pagan Play Lite a modified version with more standard Apple Menu icon and folders.

"The folders on full-strength Pagan Play 1.0 are a little odd, in that the center point is "unmasked." You must click on the solid portion of the folder's "book " because the front seal is invisible and, well, look closely. You'll see. This may take some getting used to and can be modifed easily with either Designer's Studio or ResEdit. You may wish to substitute another folder icon entirely. If you come up with a gorgeous one, please let me know, as I'm not too attached to the current one, invisible sigil or no.

"I tried the scheme with a number of background patterns, and include a handful of icons here by the grace of folks noted below. Any of them would make a good starting point or a folder substitute.

"Thanks to John Brochu of Sitelink for his work distributing cool shareware. Be sure to register all of yours! Thanks also to Greg Landweber for the delight which is Kaleidoscope. Be sure to register yours! Thanks to Tom Connolly and Dorian Weisel for the amazing time-saver of Designer's Studio (be sure to register yours!) and to the following folks for letting me include their fine icons. Specifically I got permission from:

I don't know who came up with the book icon, and I've seen it in a variety of places without credit being given. Should the original artist read this, thank you!"

The full Pagan Play folder includes:


Kaleidoscope - no version specified


R. Bowman