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This color sceme is based around the net.goth logos.

There are icons as well as the color scheme. To use them you need something like Icon Archiver which is shareware and easily avaliable from the info-mac archives. The icons are in three formats, so that hopefully one of them will be one you can use.

  1. Icon Archiver archive.
  2. empty documents which you can use to grab the icons off of.
  3. Icon packs, which can be used with eithor Icon Dropper or Res Edit.
Also there are pictures of the logos, that you can use in either Decor or The MacOS 8 desktop pictures control panel. Also included is a clipping of a plain black background, in case you don't already have it yourself.

And finally, there are some start up screens. To use these, just erase the number after the words "Startup Screen"and place it loose in your system folder.


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