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Camelot is an original freeware color scheme for Kaleidoscope, the amazing Mac GUI reconfiguration utility.

Camelot has two versions, Camelot and Camelot_Lite. The _Lite version does not include the original folder and trash icons. To use these schemes, simply drop the appropriate flavor of Camelot into the Kaleidoscope Color Schemes folder inside the Extensions folder, open the Kaleidoscope control panel, and select Camelot or Camelot_Lite.


Kaleidoscope appears to be rapidly achieving cult status among the Mac internet community. Through the simple but brilliant idea of allowing users to get into the act, and by tossing in a combustible blend of arcanery, structure and artistic allowance, Kaleidoscope has spawned an entire cottage industry of tweakoholic scheme designers. Camelot is the result of having fallen under Kaleidoscope's addictive spell myself.

I am often amazed by the creativity and innovation of Kaleidoscope scheme designers. I use many of these new schemes, in short bursts (after all, that's part of the fun of Kaleidoscope). However, for day-in, day-out use, I always find myself returning to old favorites. Perhaps not surprisingly they tend to be variants of the Aaron scheme, such as L. Wood's Amadeus . TealEaves by Kosh is another favorite that departs from the grayscale colors, but not the basic design. Aaron variants have a built in advantage - they came first. New schemes vying for my longterm attention must break through the discomfort threshold of being 'not what I'm used to'. In addition, these new schemes have often sacrificed functionality for initial dramatic effect.

So the challenge leading to Camelot was this: could I design a scheme both novel and visually appealing, without sacrificing functionality and long-term wearability. At some level, these are perhaps mutually exclusive goals. Afterall, shouldn't a good GUI be essentially invisible, rather than look good and distract from the work at hand? A tremendous amount of time has gone into Camelot to achieve a good balance of aesthetics and function. You must judge for yourself how successful I have been.

Some design considerations (some of these have already been well articulated by L. Wood in Amadeus and his Kaleidoscope Way page):

Suggested Usage

I use Espi Sans Bold 10, included with Kaleidoscope, as my system font. Camelot's silver color scheme should go well with many background choices. I thought about including a thematically appropriate desktop pattern, but could not overcome my strong preference for inert backgrounds. I have included a couple of original teal desktop patterns that I often use with Camelot. (Unlike Camelot, however, the patterns only work well with 256 or more colors.)


Kaleidoscope - no version specified


J. Gimlet


Camelot is freeware. However, please do not distribute modified versions of Camelot or Camelot's icons without my express permission. This readme document should be included with all distributions. As with just about all freeware/shareware (or for that matter, commercialware), use at your own risk.

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