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"This icon set is the culmination of years of effort... unbeknownst to many, NASA some years ago launched a deep space probe with special cameras enabling it to take full-color, properly masked 32x32 images of the planets in our solar system. These images have been accumulating in NASA's data banks for over two decades, but nobody had any use for them so they were kept top secret. Through an amazing coincidence, Apple decided to use an identical image format for the new icons in Mac OS 8.5... the rest is history.

"Just kidding. Actually, these icons are based on publicly-released NASA space probe images, most of which are available through the new Planetary Photojournal website. Check the comments field of each icon for information about the picture and where it came from. And for astronomy purists, I'll soon be releasing Volume II, with the full complement of major planetary moons (plus a couple comets) and with some sets of planets redrawn to relative scale."


MacOS 8.5 or later.


Rick Roe



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