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Roman Calendar

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Roman Calendar is a Macintosh program that will automatically produce an 8.5" by 11" wall calendar for any month of any year. The square for a given day of the month will contain the day's number according to our calendar (e.g., "2"), the day's number as the Romans counted it (e.g., "IV" for the fourth day before the Nones), and the full Latin name of the day (e.g., "ante diem IV Nonas Apriles"). Since some of the names are too long to fit in the squares if printed in full, the program will sometimes abbreviate "ante diem" as "a.d." and/or omit some of the letters from the end of the name.


The text file accompanying this software was created in Microsoft Word. I've changed the creator to SimpleText to avoid problems.


A printer


Leo C. Curran


Shareware - $20

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