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Many Moons

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The goal of Many Moons is to expand the user's consciousness by making her aware of the many different ways it is possible to measure time. It was originally inspired by Robert Anton Wilson's article "How to Live Eleven Days in Twenty-Four Hours."

Since it is easy to find software that shows the date in historical calendars (especially after the publication of Dershowitz and Reingold's Calendrical Calculations), I have initially focussed on unusual, offbeat (if you will) clocks and calendars such as Swatchbeats (Swatch Internet Time), Stardates, and Tolkien calendars. Historical calendars will likely be added later. For more information on the timekeeping systems in Many Moons, and possible future additions, see the included document MM Clocks and Calendars.


Many Moons was programmed in REALBasic on an iMac and a Performa 6320CD. It has not been tested extensively on other machines, but should run on any 68020 Mac or higher, running System 8 or higher (or System 7.5 with the Thread Manager).


Ron Hale-Evans


This version of Many Moons is freeware. You may copy it as widely as you like, provided all documentation that came with it goes with it wherever you copy it.

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