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Chac is a mesoamerican calendar for the Macintosh. You may have seen the original version of this program called Mac Maya. When I wrote Mac Maya I was learning to program in C and use the Macintosh API. This is a complete rewrite of that program. I threw away most of my source code and started over. My goal was to write structured code, a more powerful program with all of the features a serious researcher would want, a better user interface and better graphics. In other words, a more powerful and cooler program.


This is a fat binary and runs on 68k and PPC Macs. You need System 7 or greater. It needs 348k of RAM but 1 megabyte is recommended. It runs on black and white monitors and looks OK but I wrote it to work on my colour monitor. When OS X is released I will probably create a carbon compliant version. This version was developed with Metrowerks CodeWarrior 6 which is the last release that will support 68k code. This is the last Chac that will run on a 68k machine.


Warren Anderson


You may use and distribute this program for your own edification and amusement, so long as you don't profit from it. Those who want to use or distribute this program or its output for money must license these uses.

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