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Xearth sets the X root window to an image of the Earth, as seen from your favourite vantage point in space, correctly shaded for the current position of the Sun. By default, Xearth updates the displayed image every five minutes. The time between updates can be changed using either X resource or a command-line option. Xearth can also be configured to either create and render into its own top-level X window or render directly into PPM or GIF files; see the man page for details.

XEarth for Mac is based on the UNIX version of XEarth, but includes extra features.


XEarth for Mac requires a Macintosh with a FPU. That is either a Power Macintosh or an "old" Macintosh with at least a 68020 processor and an FPU. However, an experimental non-FPU version can be downloaded from the XEarth for Mac WWW page. At least System 7.0 or higher is required (it has only been tested with 7.5 so it might not work on older systems).


Kirk Lauritz Johnson (UNIX version)
Johan Lindvall (Macintosh version)



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