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TideChart is an electronic tide calendar for the Mac. It shows the heights and times of ocean tides for selected cities for any year between 1920 and 2020.

TideCalc is the number crunching program that produces the tidal data used by TideChart. It calculates the times and heights of tides for selected cities for any 3 year period between 1920 and 2020. The data produced by TideCalc can be stored as binary data for use by the TideChart program and as a text file for viewing, printing, or importing into other programs such as spreadsheets or data bases.


Both programs should run on just about any Mac. They've been tested with systems 6.07 and 7.1 on a Mac IIsi and with system 7.5.1 on a Power Mac. Neither program is Power Mac native and you must use the non-FPU version of TideCalc on a Power Mac.


TideCalc predicts the tides based on an algorithm developed by Edward Wallner and is used with his permission. (Mr. Wallner's algorithm, in general, follows the method and format used by the National Ocean Service in the standard tide and current tables). He distributes an excellent DOS based shareware program for predicting tides, currents, finding extreme highs and lows and more.


John Tracey


"TideCalc and TideChart are shareware and may be distributed freely. Please include both applications and this file if uploading to a bulletin board. A shareware fee is not required but will of course be accepted (a mere five dollars will get you priority treatment for constituent file requests, see the 'Tide Stations-General' chapter). In any case, please drop me an email or a postcard and tell me what you like or don't like about the program, and to report bugs."

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