The Planets

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[The Planets Screenshot]


The Planets is an application that puts 9 spinning planets and 2 moons of the Solar System on your desktop. They can be run all at once, or one at a time. Each planet also has a small information window giving a little story and data about itself.

The planets included are:

Version 2.0 adds Pluto (just because), Earth's Moon and Jupiter's Moon Io to the planet list, more planetary data, higher quality animations, and fixes a few bugs. The Earth can be shown in Night mode, and the image is one made of a mosaic of satellite images of actual city lights of the Earth at night. Simply press Command + D to toggle between day and night. Also, the missing "L" in "Planets" has been found. It was under the couch.

A free bonus set of 32 bit, OS X compatible icons of the planets is included.


Mac OS 8.6 or higher, PPC Processor, Quicktime 3.0 or higher, 5 Mb RAM.


StimpSoft, Inc.


Freeware. "The Planets may be freely distributed, as long as no charges whatsoever are taken for its distribution."

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