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"SunClock is a nifty little application that shows what part of the world the sun is shining on. The shape of the shadow changes with the season. It is a port of the UNIX program sunclock. The first time I saw sunclock was on a Sun 3 running SunView back around 1989, and I thought it was a pretty neat program. Since the Mac is so insanely cool, I figured it was just a matter of time before someone came out with the same program for it. So, I waited...

"... and waited...

"... and waited.

"Well, a couple of programs that sort of did the same thing did come out, but they sucked. One was a HyperCard stack, so it doesn't really count as a program. The other was OK, but it did all this other stuff that I didn't want, plus I used it once to change my timezone and it screwed up my PRAM. I couldn't get my Date & Time control panel to set correctly until I zapped my PRAM. The author wanted something like $25 to get rid of the shareware dialog so I could fry my PRAM more efficiently. No thanks.

"So, 8 years later, I finally got off my butt and ported the UNIX source (it has always been public-domain) to the Mac, and prettied it up a bit.

"(Actually, in the 3 years since I originally wrote SunClock and this "Read Me" file, some very good shareware programs that do similar things have come out. However, SunClock is still free and is still the most simple and lightweight sun clock out there, so I think it will still be useful for some people)"


Darik Datta



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