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A little calendar program which also tells you a lot about the sun and the moon (hence the name: Soon - Sun & Moon)...

Its deviation for the sun-times is not more than one minute, for the moon-times not more than 4 and for the moon data (phase, age) it's less than 0.3° between the years 1950-2050!

The "phrase" for the 4 moonphases is used within an interval of +/- 7 degr. of the precise value to give a better "synchronization" with diaries etc... The other 4 "phrases" are valid between those 4 just mentioned...

position° interval° phase-phrase

0/360 354- 6 newmoon
7- 83 waxing crescent
90 84- 96 1st quarter (halfmoon, waxing)
97-173 waxing gibbous
180 174-186 fullmoon
187-263 waning gibbous
270 264-276 last quarter (halfmoon, waning)
277-353 waning crescent

The days of the moonphase and the degrees of the moonterminator are not rounded in any way and show the exact values!

What Soon4 shows you:

  1. The weekday and date in "long form".
  2. How many days are gone so far and how many are left this year, including automatic leapyear detection
  3. The current location and timezone including automatic DST detection.
  4. Three different twilights: If you're beyond the polar circle (north or south) you're also noticed about the polar night and the midnight sun.
  5. Sunrise and -set times.
  6. The moonphase with its exact days, the position of the moon terminator and a common phrase of the actual phase taking in account the current time.
  7. Two analog clocks:
  8. A graphic of the current moonphase - just as in every diary.

All date/time calculations are based on the internal clock and DST is detected automatically.


It runs on any Mac (only under System 7?) and it comes in two versions now, one is plain 68000, the other is compiled to 68020/FPU code.


Soon is not compatible with RamDoubler 1.5. Apparently this can't be fixed because the unfortunate programmer chose to use a Microsoft product and it isn't very flexible! Non-serious but unæsthetic problems have been reported on the Mac Plus.


Christian Karpp


Shareware, $2-$5 depending on your wealth and how much you use it. Postcards appreciated.

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