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Moon is a program which draws a window with the current phase of the moon. It was an attempt at a minimal application, taking about 4 hours to write.

Code was stolen from the Bullseye sample application in Think C and the program Moontool, which is a much fancier version of the same thing for Sun computers, written by John Walker of Autodesk. The code is less than 50 lines.


It has run under System 7 on an SE/30 with a color screen, and under System 6.0.5 on and SE with the standard monochrome.


It has not been extensively debugged. If it doesn't work, pitch it. If it formats your hard disk, be glad you make backups every single day. The author takes no responsibility.


David Palmer


Freeware. "If you like it, strike a blow against Tyranny."

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