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MoonPhaser is a fairly simple program that draws the phase of the Moon for any day between 1984 and 2006. The user can specify any date within that period, or quickly jump to today's Moon, or locate the next Full Moon and New Moon.

MoonPhaser started out as a neat-o feature for TimeBook, ProAct Software's Personal Information Management software for the Macintosh. Since I had to write a shell program to test the drawing algorithms, it eventually grew more and more features, until it became the program you see today. I hope you like it.

When you launch MoonPhaser, you will be presented with a window of today's Moon phase. If you don't believe it, then look out the window. The window can be dragged and resized just like a normal Macintosh window. To move forward or back in the current phase, select the Previous Day or Next Day menu items under the Moon menu. To go to the next New or Full Moon, select the Full Moon and New Moon menu items under the Moon Menu.

You can also jump directly to any day between 1984 and 2006 by selecting the Set Date menu item under the Moon menu. A dialog will appear allowing you to set any date you like. Use the pop-up menus to set the date, then click the Set button. Voilà! The window will display the phase of the Moon for that day.


Dave Kalin (ProAct Software)


Shareware - send the author a CD.

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