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Learn the astrological meanings of planets and signs right now through your own everyday experience. Although the C*L*O*C*K was designed for students of astrology, people with little or no astrology background can enjoy and learn from the C*L*O*C*K. The planet and sign influences shown by the C*L*O*C*K are for everyone at your location -- not just you.

C*L*O*C*K announces significant planet and sign positions through your Mac's speaker -- watching the screen is optional.

Every planet and sign of the zodiac has it's own time everyday. C*L*O*C*K tells you when is the Mars time to take action, the Leo time to play, the Pisces time to listen to music and poetry. Planets of our solar system are the hands of the C*L*O*C*K.

Just as the Sun rises and sets every day, so do all of the other planets have a 5-10 minute period when they are on the angles (rising "A", setting "D", culminating "M" and at the nadir "I"). C*L*O*C*K tells you when the planets are on the angles and when the angles change sign FOR YOUR LOCATION AND TIME.

These times of planets on the angles often correlate with situations related to these planets. In addition, the time when the angles change sign (on the average, every two hours) are also significant. The correlation with when a planet is on a sign or when the angles change sign takes place on three levels.

I call the first, lowest level of significance, the "forced" level. For example, if you see/hear on your computer that Mars is on the Ascendant, you should look around for sharp or metal objects. You would know what you wanted to find (things, events, and people "ruled" by Mars), and start looking for them.

The next level I call the "awareness" level. Keeping with the Mars example, you might become aware that you have been sitting on wrought iron chairs for an hour.

The last, third, and highest level is the "event" level. You might see on TV one or two police with all of their Mars equipment (gun, handcuffs, baton, etc.).


Astrology C*L*O*C*K is a stand-alone application (created with Hypercard 2.2, but does NOT need Hypercard to run). To get the astrology symbols to appear in the stacks you must install the included font Astrology into your system file.


Gerald Baron M.S.


Shareware, $20. As a bonus for sending in your registration, you will receive a diskette with astrology shareware programs for chart calculation and character (natal) interpretation. An additional bonus of one free computer generated prediction for this year will also be sent if you include birthdata (time, date, place name)

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