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"Celtic" Patterns volume 1 is a set of 8-bit 64 by 64 desktop patterns based on Pictish and Hiberno-Saxon knotwork. There are three versions available. One consists of a ResEdit document containing the patterns which can be copied and pasted into the Desktop Patterns control panel which comes System 7 and later. The other is a document for Texture Installer, which is part of the Desktop Textures Suite. The third distribution uses desktop clippings, which can be simply pasted into the appropriate Control Panel - Appearance or Desktop Patterns, depending on your OS version.


The ResEdit version requires ResEdit, the Desktop Textures control panel and System 7.0 or better. The Texture Installer version requires Texture Installer, which will work with System 6 as well as later versions of MacOS. This package is available as part of the Desktop Textures Suite.


Feòrag NicBhrìde



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