Tarot Reader

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[Tarot Reader screenshot]


"Welcome to Tarot Reader 1.0b1. To use this programme, be sure that you have one of the Deck Files in the same folder as the Tarot Reader application. You may have to locate the deck by using the "Load Deck" command in the File menu. This version is a first beta of the programme -- fully functional for doing very simply Tarot Readings (it doesn't take into account relationships between adjacent cards however, that may make it into a future release, making any reading somewhat more superficial than a reading that takes into account all cards in relation to each other rather than each one individually as this programme currently does. The Save command in the File menu currently does not work (error trapping not functioning?), and the Preferences are saved directly into the System Folder instead of into the Preferences folder (couldn't figure out how to get a handle to a sub-folder of the Blessed folder)."


This version requires that you have QuickTime 1.5 or later installed, and System 7.1 or higher.


It was written using one of the most underrated programming languages - FutureBasic. I was able to write this programme in about 1/8th the time in FutureBasic than it would have taken me in C++. Given how much time I have to programme in my spare time, it would be fair to say that this programme wouldn't exist if I had to write it in C++ because I wouldn't have had the time; no doubt it would have been "better", but no doubt you wouldn't have had this programme either - take your pick. The major deficiency with FutureBasic now being that they don't compile PowerPC native code. If they'd supply that, it'd be on par with performance of code generated from most Pascal or C compilers. For documentation on Tarot Reading, please see "About Tarot Reader..." from the Apple menu.


John Roland Hans Penner


I believe all information desires to be free. So this is free, but it is still copyright by me -- the reason being, I'll keep it free, and I wouldn't want someone to claim it to make money off it. If you'd like to show your appreciation, you can send something for it. A shareware fee of $25.00 wouldn't hurt, on the other hand, sending me a receipt to show that you've donated $25.00 to a charity that helps the hurting and suffering of this world would be even better.

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