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The mysterious forces of the Naked Rabbit will never cease to bring the unusual and the stunningly cryptic into CyberLand. THE ZEN MASTER is the latest, and most profound offering yet.

Simply double-click on the Zen icon and sit back. A scene of quiet contemplation greets your eyes, and the wisdom of many Ancient Masters will hang heavy in the air like fragrant incense. The strange but calming music of the Temple of Heaven caresses your ears like silken honey. A deep and meaningful Chinese poem hovers in the sky - its words like a soothing balm for your weary search for truth. Enlightenment is imminent!

But wait! At the top of the screen, a menu! A simple pull-down will create yet another poem - this one even more applicable to your life than the last! The Zen Master is a veritable FOUNTAIN of such spectacular gems - each one carefully (and somewhat randomly) crafted for your personal search for the ONE TRUE WAY!


The Zen Master expands to fill a whopping 3.2 Mb, but it's well worth having. You should have a 256 color monitor and at least 3Mb free to run the Zen Master. But what prices are these in the Grand Scheme of the Eternal Now?


The Naked Rabbit


This application can be considered ShareWare. If you appreciate it, send along the required sum - the Master will tell you how much. If you do not... well, I cannot say that your name will be engraved in the stone tablets of the Ten Kings of Hell, but it is a slight possibility.

All manner of unusual things are available from the Naked Rabbit. Why not write or email off for some information? The Naked Rabbit promises to keep you puzzled throughout the various media with a vast display of audio cassettes, videos, publications, and software.

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