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"well, i suppose you are wondering if i am going to divulge any pertinent or at least interesting information. maybe. all i can tell you is that all i have left to do before i die is see sisters of mercy. and depeche mode. but i digress, i like this band. i can't figure out whether i like the way this thing came out, becuase it seemed like it kicked ass at first but now i don't know. hopefully you will like it."


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"nothing. of course. feel free to plagiarize the hell out of this scheme. i will feel just as happy seeing stuff i made in other peoples scheme as mine. just don't copy my folders. i like the folders. actually fuck it, don't plagiarize me. that will piss me off. not that its going to stop you. people are getting drunk in my room and talking about muppets. who is your favorite muppet? i like them all. leave me alone. i do this to bother you. i don't own t shirts that say these things. if you do, you belong at the mall, with all the other mallrats, and you aren't goth, you just suck."

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