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Styles are color schemes for Greg Landweber's Kaleidoscope control panel. This Read Me is for my new or updated schemes, which work best in Kaleidoscope 2.0. The new schemes have unneccessary resources deleted, new ones added, custom trash and folders written into the schemes, indeterminate (barber-pole) progress bars for special programs,larger grow boxes, and other improvements. The windows have also been re-designed.


Kaleidoscope 2.0 or greater. In order to see the custom trash and folders, you need to re-start your Mac unless you have OS8 or higher. All my schemes have been developed and tested on a PowerMac; most are best viewed in thousands of colors, and this version of Greek Key must be used in K2. Desktop patterns' rights in the folder belong to the creators. Windowshade soundfile by ClixSounds. If you mess around with ResEdit, I do NOT take responsibility for what happens to my schemes consequently. All artwork is mine, including cursor and all scheme patterns.


Janet Snider Parris


Styles Greek Key is shareware. All Styles color schemes are $5 for 5 schemes, $10 for 10 schemes, $20 for anything up to 30 schemes, $30 for 50 schemes. Registered users get freebies and schemes that are unavailable otherwise. (See registration form.) Registered users, send your email address for freebies.

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