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"Styles are color schemes for Greg Landweber's Kaleidoscope control panel. This version of Air Signs has been enhanced for use in K2, with added *neat* desktop pattern, cursor, utility pattern, and windowshade sound written in, along with folders and trash. Select what you wish to use in the K2 control panel. This version (1.1.2) has added K2 resources, including a window background.


Kaleidoscope 2.0 or later


In order to see the custom trash and folders, you need to re-start your Mac unless you have OS8.


Janet Parris


Shareware. All Styles color schemes are $5 for 5 schemes, $10 for 12 schemes, $20 for anything up to 30 schemes, $30 for 50 schemes, $40 for 75 schemes. K2 schemes (those with K2 windows) are priced at $2.50 a piece or $2 for 10 or more K2s. Registered users get freebies and schemes that are unavailable otherwise. (See registration form.) Registered users, send your email address for freebies.

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