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Rune Cast

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The Runes are a set of glyphs derived from the ancient Germanic and Norse alphabet (often referred to as FUTHARK for the first six letters of the alphabet) and used by the peoples of northern Europe from approximately the first century of the common era well into the middle ages. The origins of the FUTHARK glyphs are shrouded in mystery, yet early on these glyphs took on an almost mystical significance, and were frequently used for divination. Many of the glyph carried names and meanings derived from objects or events in their world, meanings that could be applied to the personal and collective struggles of life. It is this oracular mystery of the Runes that is found in Rune Cast.

A method of divination such as the Runes provides that much needed guide. It can awaken the mystery of our intuitive processes, opening us to seeing ourselves and our world in a new and often surprising way. The messages that we receive from the Runes may seem vague, elusive, conditional, and confusing; the intuitive work of IN-seeing rarely comes in clear, concrete ways. We must wrestle with what we find, discerning its meaning for our particular situation. Ask: "What does this message tell me about myself in relation to my world? Am I reminded of something that I've forgotten? Is there something I am overlooking?" The process is one of personal growth through IN-sight. As we meditate on the message of the Runes we are awakened to new depths of wisdom and understanding, new ways of looking at ourselves and our world. It is this process of self-exploration that the Runes provide.

There are a number of different methods of using the Runes for divination. The process found in Rune Cast is quite simple--a basic one-Rune cast.

First, you are offered an opportunity to state the issue or struggle that you bring to the Runes. Putting the issue into words is itself a therapeutic process. It forces us to define and describe the problem or puzzle that we face, to put some psychological and spiritual parameters around the issues that concern us. Choose your words carefully. Be as clear and concise as possible in stating the issue that you bring to each session. IMPORTANT: Do not ask the Runes a question that can be answered with a simple "yes " or "no". Remember, consulting an oracle is not about finding answers from without, but discerning answers from within. If you are looking for a general read of your current situation rather than insight into a particular issue, ask the Runes for an overall personal reading.

Second, when you have stated the issue, you are given an opportunity to meditate on that issue. Take some time here. Read over the question you've asked. Allow it to become part of you. When you have the question firmly in mind, press the Cast button. The Runes are mixing, awaiting your signal. Rest your finger lightly on the Enter key, close your eyes, think about the question you've asked. When you sense a readiness from within, lightly press the Enter key (or click on the Choose button). Timing is important, for the Rune that arises for you is given for a reason, given in response to your readiness to read it.

Third, the chosen Rune is provided, along with the question or issue you've asked. Take some time to read through the description of the Rune that has fallen for you. Come to it with an open mind, open to the possibility that there is indeed a wisdom at work within you and a reason why this Rune has come up for you. If you like, you may print the response for further meditation.


Jonathan Golden


Shareware, $5

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