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Paganlink and Paganlinking

All about the network and practical Pagan networking.

Paganism in the UK

Pagan events, newsletters, contacts and organisations in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The Pagan Net

Internet resources on Paganism and related subjects.


Recent news affecting Pagans - fundies, sacred sites and community news.


Freeware, shareware and demonstration software of interest to Pagans. (Macintosh and Linux).


Esoteric reading matter freely available on the web. (Not working right now - sorry).

Art Gallery

Shareware and free clip art and web art with Pagan and occult themes.


Those who have helped over the years. Mad fools, all of 'em.

Plinkers Mailing List

Plinkers is an electronic mailing list for people who are, or wish to become, actively involved in Pagan networking.

Pagan Best of the Web

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