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A place for those who want to teach, learn or share their rants, raves and experiences while walking the pagan pathways.

What's on in Elfenheim

About Elfenheim
What this web site's about, and why.
Introduction to Paganism
The start of a series of a Basic Paganism Course.
Rune Lore
Runes, Rune Poems, how to read them and how to score them.
Elfenheim talks exclusively with:
Your letters and those of others who have visited Ullr's Hearth. As Elfenheim is a new site for the time being I have put up some Pagan FAQs.
Other interesting web sites.
Contact Elfenheim
Do you have a question, article that you would like to see published, Pagan graphics, poetry, a rant, a rave or maybe you have just read the best ever book on paganism (or the worst)? Well Elfenheim wants to hear from you.

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