A Quick Introduction

The aims of Paganlink are to make Pagan and magickal ways accessible to anyone who is seeking, and to promote links between the various paths. Paganlink does not promote any particular Pagan or magickal path -- it is multi-denominational in its approach.

Paganlink promotes networking to aid communication between people of like mind. Paganlinkers use the communication system and resources Paganlink provides to actively make links with others and share skills to work together for the benefit of the Earth Spirit.

Anyone who agrees with the above philosophy and aims can be a Paganlinker. There is no membership fee.

Paganlink is a loose network with a long-standing presence on the Internet. It is facilitated by volunteers.

Paganlink is a foundation upon which you can build your own ideas and projects. By becoming a Paganlinker you are planting the seeds of community by making fellow Pagans aware of your existence and interests. Become part of this growing network and help to weave a bright web in the tapestry of life.