Promoting Links

Paganism, with its multitude of paths, is like an ecosystem. Just as life comes in many different forms, fitting into different evolutionary niches within a balanced whole, so can spiritual and magickal paths be seen as fulfilling different functions withn the psychic and spiritual environment.

The roots of Paganism are found in the Earth's sacred places. There is a long complex history of traditions which have changed over time and are still developing today. The neo-Pagan movement has inspired creativity and progress in Pagan and magickal practice, linked with wider developments such as feminism, chaos science and the Green movement.

The Pagan web has many strands and Paganlink's multi-denominational approach recognises the many aspects of contemporary Paganism . By developing links, we can learn from each other and share energies. We can support each other and work together in areas of common interest, whilst respecting the work and different approaches other paths and groups have.

Groups not linked with others can become isolated and insular in their viewpoints and unable to deal effectively with issues that encompass the community as a whole. Efforts can be wasted on 're-inventing the wheel', when someone else has already tried it and found a way that works better. By sharing skills and experiences, we become more knowledgeable and empowered, both as individuals and collectively.