Learning can be formal or informal, but ultimately each individual takes responsibility for their own education and development. This applies to everyone from someone completely new to Paganism and wants to learn more, to those already more knowledgeable about particular paths who wish to broaden their knowledge and experience.

Paganlink itself does not run courses on Paganism or magick but provides information enabling contact with individuals and groups who have knowledge and skills they are willing to share. Details of courses and gatherings are listed in regular updates. The ftp site at Lysator in Sweden contains some teaching materials.

There are many different forms of learning and doing a course or workshop is only one of them. If you attend Pagan events, make links with other Pagans. You will learn a great deal if you approach it with an open mind.

Those with knowledge and skills of various kinds are encouraged to share them with others. Let others know your interests, and get involved in skills and knowledge sharing sessions. Those who feel sufficiently confident could set up their own workshops or courses. A number of people involved in Paganlink are already doing this.

Such events can be publicised on this web site, and articles by people who have organised courses are always welcome.

Paganlink policy is to promote Paganism and magick in an accessible way, so excessively costly workshops or courses cannot be publicised through the Network. Paganlink encourages people to share skills and knowledge in a way which is accessible to the whole community and not just the well paid members of it. It is quite possible to run workshops and courses for a reasonable cost or even free.