Providing Resources

This web site provides information for use in making local and national contacts. Local contacts will help facilitate things in their area, but they aren't there to organise things for everyone else. The work has to be shared so that viable and sustainable projects are set up. You can help by providing a local web site with information about Pagan activities in your area.

Please support Paganlinking in your area in whatever way you can. Local areas are self-financing, so money may be needed to set up local newsletters and events. Paganlinkers are meant to be autonomous - if you want to set something up, go ahead, as long as it is in accord with the basic ethos of Paganlink (that it honours the Earth and is open to Pagans of all paths). If you are new to all this, get involved and learn by experience. Everyone has life skills and talents to bring to Paganlinking. By sharing them we can begin to manifest our spiritual and magickal potential.